Typical food:

Kaq Ik




Tortillas and tortillas de harina. Maize tortillas are served with most meals.

Frijoles negros - stewed black beans

Caldos - beef broths

Tamales — steam-cooked corn meal, with a variety of fillings, wrapped in banana leaves

Rice 'n beans Garifunafood in Puerto Barrios

Tapado, ceviche and other fishmeals


A typical breakfast is Frijoles, eggs and bread with coffee of course.

The type of food really depends on how much you want to spend and what type of place you want to spend it at. You can get almost any type of food at the main tourist locations. In the aldeas small towns your choices are mostly limited to those items listed above. Guatemalan food differs from Mexican food in that it is a lot less spicy, and chillies are generally served in a separate dish from the main course to be added as desired, rather than included in the food.