Cusuco National Park expeditions (http://www.lahamacahostel...) Cusuco Park can be visited by private all inclusive tours leaving from San Pedro or following the Cusuco backpacking mountain route. Visited 10 weeks of the year by Operation Wallacea, one of the world's top end scientific expedition. Available activities range for all group styles either looking for adventure or just a relaxing mountain experience. Jungle waterfalls, night trekking, dwarf forest and many more.

Volunteer Honduras (http://www.volunteerhondu...) $725/week 8-day, all-inclusive service trips in Honduras. 5 days of volunteering and 3 days of traveling to places like Copán Ruinas, La Ceiba, etc.

The Caribbean Coast of Honduras is home to the Bay Islands: Utila, Roatán, and Guanaja. Here you will find the Earth’s second-largest coral reef ready for you to explore. If you wish to become a certified diver, great diving schools are well known in Utila and Roatán. Also, Utila provides hiking, kayaking, and a glorious beach for eco-friendly and nature-intrigued tourist. Or you may prefer an invigorating scuba dive in Roatán. Where you will have the chance to swim in the clear waters near the reef’s gigantic barrel sponges.

The Mosquito Coast, a large rainforest located in the northeast region, is for the adventurous traveller to explore the natural wonders of the plains and wildlife of the tropics. Please revere to tribal groups living within this region who practice traditional lifestyles.The Western Honduras is home to the ruins at Copan a UNESCO World Heritage Site which is believed to have been inhabited by the Mayans from 1200 BC. There are also lively museums and other natural sites for the eco-tourist.