Citzens of the EU, Japan, Norway, Malaysia, Singapore, Switzerland,India and most western countries do not need a visa. If you do need a visa, contact a Honduran consulate. Do note that there is a USD3 fee for all citizens of non Central American countries upon entry via land.

By bus
By bus

Buses to and from San Pedro Sula leave to and from most major locations in Honduras, including Copan Ruinas, Tegucigalpa, Tela and La Ceiba, with some travelling direct and non-stop and others stopping in route. Each of the capitals of the countries surrounding Honduras are also served by buses: Managua, San Salvador, Guatemala City. All buses except local metropolitan routescome into and leave from the Main Metropolitan Bus Terminal on the south side of the city. Taxi's and local bus routes can get you from there to the center of the city and other destinations within San Pedro Sula

Major Bus Companies

Hedman Alas
(http://www.hedmanalas.com) have their own secure terminal at the rear of the main bus station with waiting room, smoking lounge and cafeteria. First Class buses to and from Guatemala City, Copan, Tegucigalpa, Tela, La Ceiba and the San Pedro Sula airport.
El Rey Express
Telephone: 550 8355. Direct Buses to and from Tegucigalpa, hourly.
Telephone: 552 1042. Direct Buses to and from Tela and La Ceiba, hourly.
Toritos and Copanecos
Telephone: 553 4930. Direct Buses to and from Nueva Ocotepeque via Santa Rosa de Copan, 7 to 8 buses daily.
Telephone: 553 0070. Buses to and from Puerto Cortes, hourly.
Tica Bus
Telephone: 556-5149. Direct buses to and from Managua and El Salvador.

Update June 2014: The location of Tica Bus Station in Tegus has MOVED. It's no longer in Comayagüela, but moved to the southern suburbs of Tegucigalpa, beyond the airport. A taxi cost around 120L.

Taking the local bus is a great mode of transportation from and to cities within Honduras. Buses are affordable and efficient for you to travel along with the locals. Understand that the earlier you get on a bus, the more time you can spend in the city of your choice. Depending on how many stops the driver makes determines the length of travel time. If you need help knowing the exact fare or which stop is best to get off, ask the locals. Remember the bus is an everyday activity for them.

By plane
By plane

Major international airports with daily flights to Atlanta, Miami, Fort Lauderdale, New York and Houston are in San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa Toncontin and Roatan. The main international airlines serving the region are Avianca, Copa Air, Delta Air Lines, United Airlines, Spirit, and American Airlines. Iberia, Spain operates daily flights from Madrid to San Pedro Sula via Guatemala City connecting with TACA. Maya Island Air also has a direct lfight from Belize to San Pedro Sula phone number 011-501-223-1140 or info@mayaisland.com. For interior flights check Isleña, Atlantic and Aerolinas Sosa. Note that the interior domestic airlines frequently have flight cancellations, do not guarantee service, and are under no obligation to issue refunds if a flight does not occur. However, American carriers and their international code share partners listed above guarantee travel per U.S. industry standards. Hence, it is advisable not to rely on a domestic carrier to connect to an outbound international flight without having an alternative means to get to the departure point of the foreign bound aircraft in a timely fashion. For instance, if a flight cancellation occurs in La Ceiba headed to San Pedro Sula due to insufficient ticket sales a common occurrence, a taxi can be hired for a $50-$100 spot price to run the distance in under two and a half hours. Note that if flying out of San Pedro Sula you will be charged a hefty 37.50$ 34$ if you are from Honduras airport tax. From mid February 2015 onwards this exit tax will be included in the price of the air ticket.

By ship
By ship

Boats from Belize come in to the Caribbean ports like Puerto Cortes, but schedules are not regular and cannot be checked through the internet. Cruise ships commonly stop at the Bay Islands, however.

You may use cruise lines for temporary visits to Honduras' resorts. Cruises visiting Honduras include:• Norwegian Cruise Line NCL visits the Eastern and Western Caribbean from Miami, FL, USA.• Princess Cruises, Crown Princess visits the Western Caribbean, roundtrip from Ft. Lauderdale, FL, USA.• Carnival Cruises, Carnival Legend visits the Western Caribbean from Tampa, FL, USA. The Carnival Valor departs and returns to Miami, FL, USA.

By car
By car

Possible from Guatemala, El Salvador, or Nicaragua. Cars are a good selection, but you must always be careful since the roads are not as well developed but good enough to have a pleasant ride. Traffic enforcement outside of stops to curtail the drug trade is minimal to non-existent, and drivers should be cautious of speeding vehicles as well as aggressive driving tactics e.g. passing on uphill, curved terrain.