John Ponteens Sunday BBQ Little Bay. DD Bar Friday night in Hope by the MVO. Chicken Wilsons in Salem. Roti for lunch at the Attic. Gourmet Gardens in Olveston. Olveston House Sir George Martin's private residence is open seven days a week. Tina's, La Colage and Emerald Rose for great local lunches. Upscale Ziggys Restaurant for dinner only by reservation. The Royal Palm Club typically shows movies with dinner on Tuesday evenings.

Most establishments are casual. Some bars on the beach are okay with folks walking right in sand and all.

Few places are open at night for dinner, and most of those that are require reservations not because they're fancy or expensive, but because business is slower and they want to ensure they have fresh food available.

Most meal choices consist of chicken or seafood, with most having a red meat option though the type of meat various greatly.