Montserrat has one main road that winds along the coast on the east and west sides of the island. Cars can be rented from any of a number of agencies. Traffic is mild there are no traffic lights to bother with, but be warned that there are only two gas/petrol stations on the island. In November 2011, the going rate for a 4-door Suzuki Vitara residents would call it a Jeep was approx 250 US dollars per week.

A temporary Montserrat driver's license is required to drive on the island. Typically all that is required is USD20 or XCD50, a completed form, and presentation of your home country/territory license. Licenses are available at the police station in Brades or Salem.

Bicycle rentals are also available.

Taxis and minibuses run mostly during the day

Hitch-hiking, during the day and early evening is safe - just point your finger in the direction you are going.

Walking, while safe and possible to all points, is quite an arduous task, as the roads traverse very steep hills. Locals tend to walk in a local village or housing area, but find other transport from village to village.