The island is still vulnerable to hurricanes during the season from June to November.

Volcanic eruptions still pose some danger, though volcanic activity has been primarily on the level of a nuisance in recent years. Travel to the Exclusion Zone on the south end of the island is generally not permitted, for safety reasons. The Montserrat Volcano Observatory publishes current risk assessments and exclusion zone limits. (

Montserrat is generally a safe place, however in recent years, violent crime has increased. Assault is the most common form, with an annual rate of just over 10 assaults for every 1000 people. By comparison, Canada's rate is about 7 per 1000. General safety precautions, including such as not walking in an alleyway at night, are advised.

No vaccinations are required to enter Montserrat unless coming from a country that has suffered a cholera, yellow fever, or small pox epidemic.

Glendon Hospital
Saint John's. +1 664 491-2552.
Lee's Pharmacy
Brades Main Road, +1 664 492-3444. 9AM-7PM.

The people of Montserrat all speak English British dialect, albeit with a local accent.

Internet cafes

internet cafes
Andy's Internet Cafe & Repairs

Bbc building, brades main road, +1 664 491-9768, (

internet cafes
Grant Enterprises & Training

Brades, +1 664 491-9654.