Tropical Mansion Suites
Sweeney's Road

Near the airport. po box 404, sweeny's, (http://www.tropicalmansio...)

Villa "Tan Ry Doon",

Olveston, (http://www.montserratrent...)

Gingerbread Hill
1-813-774-5270 (USA); 1-664-491-5812 (int'l)

Choose from the villa or fully equipped suite at US$125, or simpler accommodations as low as US$35. Great views of the ocean and mountains. A large number of ex-pats living on the Island stayed here prior to buying property.

Travellers Palm Guest House

Closed for good on jan 31st, 2008. (http://www.travellerspalm...)

Vue Pointe Hotel

Old towne, was the only remaining beach resort after the volcano erupted. it has struggled through repeated closures because of volcanic activity, and the owners do not plan to reopen. they seek to build a new resort farther from the volcano. ( closed and deserted as on november 2011.

Turtle Bay Apartments

Fully equipped apartments, with tropic gardens and views of the mountains and sea. Woodlands Bay is nearby.

Miles away Villa


Hot Rock Hostel

Salem, nice and qiet hostel near the montserrat volcano observatory. 25$ including light breakfast in 2008. (

Essence guesthouse

Old towne, very nice guesthouse, very friendly owners. beautiful rooms and apartment. (


Visiting the island is a bargain compared to pre-eruption Montserrat and many of its less geologically active neighbors, as the island is anxious to reestablish its tourism industry. The tourism board has private villas for as little as US$700/week.

Keep in mind that shops are generally 'expensive' compared to US and European standards.