Saint Barthélemy

The Island is small and safe enough that many visitors prefer to walk whenever possible. However, there are dozens of agencies through which visitors can rent scooters, quads, ATVs, and cars in order to make travelling the island more enjoyable. St Barts is notorious for having steep, narrow, and often bumpy roads, and so many rental agencies urge caution when using scooters or smaller vehicles and discourage visitors from using bicycles. ATVs are a popular means of transportation on the island as they allow visitors to explore areas of the island inaccessible by cars, scooters, and other vehicles.

Many rental agencies have different prices depending on the season. The prices generally change from the Low, Middle, and High seasons, but the exact dates of these seasons varies with each rental agency. In addition, some agencies raise prices around the winter Holidays.

Scooter and Moto Rentals:

Barthloc Scooters and Quads
+ 59 05 90 27 52 81, Located at Rue de France, Gustavia, 97133 St Barthélémy, rents scooters by the day or by the week, prices range from 25€/day during the low season, 30€/day during the middle season, and 45€/day during the high season
Fun Motors
+ 59 05 90 27 54 83, Les Galeries du Commerce, St Jean, 97133 St Barthélémy, rents a variety of scooters and quads, prices range from 45€/day in the low season, 55€/day during the middle season, and 65€/day in the high season
Méca Moto
05 90 29 72 28 / 05 90 52 92 49, located in Marigot, 97133 Saint-Barthélemy, rents a variety of two, three, and four-wheel vehicles, including scooters, quads, and motorcycles, rates not available online

ATV and Quad Rentals:

St. Barth Adventure
06 90 74 66 11, Located at La pointe, Gustavia, 97133 Saint-Barthélemy, rents a wide range of ATVs and scooters, prices vary depending on type of vehicle, rents by the day, week, or month and offers 2-hour ATV tours of the island with both French and English-speaking tour guides
Béranger Rental
+ 59 05 90 27 89 00, Rue du Général de Gaulle, Gustavia, 97133 St Barthélémy, rents two- and four-wheeled vehicles, delivery of rental vehicles is available throughout the islands, prices vary from 26€/day in the low season, 36€/day in the middle season, and 52€/day in the high season.

Car Rentals:

+ 59 05 90 27 71 43, located at the airport, offers free delivery to hotels and villas, rates include insurance, unlimited mileage, and road service assistance
Gumbs Rental
+ 590 5 90 27 75 32, located at the airport, al rentals include unlimited mileage
Soleil Caraibes
590 27 67 18, located at the airport, offers hotel and auto packages for visitors
Maurice Car Rental
+ 59 05 90 27 73 22, located at the airport, offers delivery to docks, villas, and hotels
590 27 66 30, has locations at the airport and in Gustavia
Barth’Loc Cars
+ 59 05 90 27 52 81, located in Gustavia, also offers scooter and quad rentals, offers free delivery to airport, sea ports, hotels and villas
Chez Beranger
590 27 89 00, located in Gustavia, also rents scooters
590 27 54 83, also offers motorcycle rentals
Tropic All Rent
590 27 64 76, located in Gustavia, also rents motorbikes
Turbé Car Rental
+ 59 05 90 27 71 42, offers free delivery to the airport, villas and hotels, also offers road-side assistance

Taxi Service:

There are two taxi stations on the island: one at the airport, and the other in Gustavia. To book a taxi in Gustavia, call 27-66-31; at the airport, call 27-75-81. Visitors can also contact drivers directly; a list of drivers and their phone numbers is available at the Office Territorial de Tourisme in Gustavia.