Marshall Islands

The US dollar is the official currency of the Marshall Islands, no other currency will be accepted. If you are from a country or territory with the US dollar as a official currency, you will not need to worry about understanding prices and currency transferring. Also if you are from Bermuda, East Timor, Panama, or Bahamas, the official currencyies of the mentioned countries and territories have fixed exchange rates to the US Dollar. Meaning what price is said in the Marshall Islands will be understood with your country's/territory's official currency. Example; $150 US Dollars will equal $150 Bermudian dollars, but you will still have to exchange currencies.

Marshall Islands is known for their traditional weaving and boat-construction methods. Support the local artisan trade by buying local curios available at a number of curios shops especially around Robert Reimers Hotel.


There is only one budget-style accommodation option on Majuro; the FlameTree Backpackers. FlameTree is a backpacker/lodge/bar in the center of town; renowned for its bright red-foliaged tree outside, as well as its raucous nightlife. The cheapest option is a $20 p/p/p/n shared private room, with a communal bathroom. This option is NOT recommended as the condition of the rooms have deteriorated heavily and the bathroom is not just shared with tenants.The reasonable option available at FlameTree would be a single private for $30 p/p/p/n.Robert Reimers Hotels are closer to international standards, but start at approximately $50 p/p/p/n.Grocery costs are comparatively high, with staples being reasonable, but imported goods or unique items costing a lot more than other states. For example, bread is approximately $2/loaf, but apples are $2 each.Cigarettes are exceptionally cheap, selling for approximately $2,50 a box.Wine is almost non-existent, whereas spirits are easily accessible on Majuro, but are expensive.Taxis cost basically $0,50 between any two locations on Majuro.Transport costs off islands is entirely dependent on the transport type used.Food becomes more expensive and less available on outer atolls and islands.Restaurants range from upper-end at $20 a head not many to simple take-away places for about $5 a meal.