Marshall Islands

There are many types of different fruits that are available at different seasons. There are also farms mostly local that produce vegetable or raise pigs. Most, if not all, the produce that can be seen are as follows: breadfruit, pandanus, coconut, corn, tomato, sweet potato, cassava, papaya, pumpkin, "nin" noni, lime, pigs, and chicken. In addition to these, there are regular stands that sell fruit and traditional food along the road from Ajeltake to Laura.

The Marshall Islands was once known as the world's "fishiest" place, meaning that there was an over-abundance of species of fish that dwell in Marshallese waters. However, there is great uncertainty as to whether this is still true today. This is due to the fact that data concerning overfishing and destruction of natural habitat by means of anchors, harmful chemicals, climate change, and such are indicating a dramatic change in the health of the sea area covered by the Marshall Islands.

There are also several restaurants that serve international food. The Marshall Islands Resort's MIR Enra Restaurant and Robert Reimers Enterprises' RRE Tide Table are among the most well known. There are also several non-Marshallese owned eateries that are available, such as Monica's Chinese, La Bojie's Filipino, China Restaurant Chinese, Special Restaurant Chinese, Oriental Noodle Chinese, The Stone House Japanese and Aliang Restaurant Chinese.