Marshall Islands

The crime rate of the Marshall Islands is VERY VERY LOW, and you DO NOT have to worry about going outside at night.

The only hazard can come from drunken youths.

Remember to take you daily medication with you, because there are basically no pharmacies in the Marshall Islands. Also, please remember to take diarrhoea medication and mosquito repellent with you, since there are a lot of mosquitoes in the Marshall Islands

The sun-burn factor is extremely high, and fresh drinking water is not readily available even in restaurants/establishments.

Always wear footwear when walking in the surf/coral as there are a lot of things that can injure, poison, bite or infect you.


As a Compact Free Association nation, the Marshall Islands' official postal service is the United States Postal Service. For travel reasons, the USPS treats the Marshall Islands as a territory. So the postal requirements in the Marshall Islands are the same in the other CFA nations and the US.


Most Marshallese speak Marshallese and English. One important word in Marshallese is "yokwe" which is similar to the Hawaiian "aloha" and means "hello", "goodbye" and "love".


Nudity is not appreciated on Marshall Islands, and conservatism increases as one travels further from the capital island. Snorkeling and swimming should be done with as minimal bare skin exposed as possible male and female.It is a religious society, and social norms are generally quite conservative, with limits being set on alcohol consumption and nudity in most communities throughout the islands.

The family unit is held as vital and there is a strong sense of community. As an outsider, you are seen as slightly strange in your loneliness, but then welcomed or even symbolically adopted into local families as a gesture of welcoming.

Visa on arrival

Entry visa will be issued upon arrival to citizens of Pacific Islands Forum countries including Australia and New Zealand, Canada, European Union countries, Japan, South Korea, Republic of China Taiwan and the Philippines provided the duration of the intended visit is no more than thirty 30 days, the visitor have a roundtrip or a transit ticket and a passport valid for at least six months.


Citizens of all countries not listed above must present a passport valid for at least six months with an entry visa, a round trip or transit ticket before boarding and travelling to the Republic of the Marshall Islands. The entry visa to Majuro is issued by our Attorney General in the Marshall Islands. It suggested that you email the Immigration Director to request for issuance of entry visa upon arrival at Majuro Airport. Send by email to OR arequest for issuance of a visa upon arrival and an attached copy of your passport, visa application, itinerary, and entry visa to the next country stop. You will be given a confirmation via email on the issuance of visa upon arrival.

Visas cost $100 for a tourist visa that lasts 3 months. Business visas cost $300. Visas last 30 stays on the onset, but can be extended for up to 60 days once you are in the Marshall Islands, for $10. You must show that you can pay for your entire time in the Marshall Islands and that you can pay for your way to leave, or demonstrate that you've already purchased what you need to leave the islands. When you leave the islands, you must pay a $20 tax. Persons under 12 or over 60 years old are exempt from this tax.

If you come from a country infected with cholera, you must present an immunization certificate. You must get an HIV test if you plan to work or live in the Marshall Islands, or if you will be staying for more than 30 days.


Philippines (Honorary Consulate)
PO Box 79
+1 602 9-3490
Spain (Honorary Consulate)
+692 625 3827