Round the islands interior. do the circuit - a sealed road goes all the way around the island so you can drive, ride or walk around an entire country! a drive takes about 25 minutes non-stop. i guess a pushbike ride would take 2-3 hours and a walk maybe 6 hours. there is lots of nice scenery if not much to do and, going from either hotel, chappelle & partner department store right at the top of the island in ewa district makes for a welcome break at halfway around.


World war relics in yaren. spot the remains of japanese guns, bunkers and pillboxes left over from ww2.


Command ridge, nauru's highest point.


The local teams battle it out at an australian rules football match. the national game is played all through saturday at the linkbelt oval sports field.


Head out to sea and try your luck at game fishing


At capelle & partner, the only department store and largest business on nauru island.


In anibore harbour, which is the best bet for swimming, as most beaches are too shallow and rocky.