Like many other Pacific Islands, Nauru is surrounded by a shallow reef with cut-outs through the reef providing access for boats and harbours, and there can be strong currents across the shallow water, moving boats in the harbours, and dangerous marine animals on the reef floor. Ask for advice before venturing into the water.

The trafficking of drugs and narcotics of any kind will be punished severely.

Homosexual acts are still technically illegal in Nauru and can lead to prosecution. Open displays of affection between same-sex partners may offend some in Nauru.

Water supply in Nauru is dependent on rainwater collected into tanks from the roofs of houses and from an ageing reverse osmosis desalination plant.

Emergency: 112 or 110

Nauru General Hospital: +674 555-4302


Cenpac Net is the internet service provider ISP.


The official language is Nauruan, a distinct Pacific Island language. Some locals speak Tuvaluan or Gilbertese which are quite common around the island since these two ethnic groups have historically worked in the Nauru mining industry. English is widely understood, spoken, and used for most government and commercial purposes.