Sam's Tours
Palau Pacific Resort

is another dive shop in Palau that offers diving, snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and land tours. They have some great guides that provide educational and environmental information about the locales. Sam's Tours uses small, fast narrow boats which carry 4~8 divers.

Fish 'n Fins
Koror State Koror 96940

is the oldest dive center in Palau. They currently have two live-aboard vessels, as well as seven smaller and faster! dive boats, operating from the base in Koror. The guides are very professional and are more than willing to share their extensive knowledge of the ocean and the life in it. Divers can use Nitrox EAN 32 for the same price as air. Gas mixtures for technical divers are also available.


, the dive shop attached to the Palau Pacific Resort is recommended. The equipment available for rental is of high quality, and either new or well maintained. The dive masters are also very experienced, responsible and know the dive sites very well. Angelo at Splash is highly recommended as a dive master especially if you have not dived in stronger currents. It should be noted that Splash runs a rather large, wide dive boat, containing 20+ divers.

Palau is most famous for scuba diving. One of the most famous dive sites - Blue Corner, with constant sharks and a high current - is located less than 1 hour's boat ride from most resorts. Many live aboards like Ocean Hunter operate out of Palau. There are also tours to WWII battle fields on Palau.

The Blue Corner, German Channel, Ulong Channel and Blue Holes are all amazing dive sites. You can dive the same site again and again and have completely different experiences each time.

Palau is also famous for its jellyfish lakes. These lakes contain jellyfish which have evolved away their stingers in the absence of predators. There are many tours which will go to the jellyfish lake to snorkel. SCUBA diving is not permitted, nor is necessary, in the jellyfish lake. Palau Jellyfish Lake (http://www.kororstategov....) is included in the category of natural phenomena and scientific mysteries. Aside from the cost of the tour around $100, there is $100 permit for the jellyfish lake which is valid for ten days.

Long Island Park offers a mildly interesting snorkeling area. It's located just south of the two bridges that connect Koror and Malakal. From Koror, cross the first bridge and then turn left.

Icebox Park, at the southern tip of Malakal, offers a nice view. However, swimming is not advised as it is immediately adjacent to a waste water outlet clearly visible at low tide.

Nikko Bay is a great place for kayaking and snorkeling. A good place to launch your kayak is Ngermid Boat Pier. Head a few hundred meters south from the pier and you will see a floating wooden dock, under which lives a huge Napoleon fish. Snorkeling around the islets to the immediate west of the dock is quite impressive.

IMPAC (, short for Imperial Palau Corporation provides day tours to Rock Islands including jellyfish tour and kayaking tours.

Expedition Fleet

, is the largest privately owned live-aboard fleet in the Philippines. Their ships operate all over the Philippine Island and Palau. Expedition Fleet is known for experienced and professional Dive Masters as well as excellent service on board.

Palau Dive & Scuba

Small, personable service that brings together all the information on dive sites, conditions and dive centers for Palau.

Sara Guide Service
488 6856

Environmentally responsible professional sports fishing guides in Koror. They have experienced Palauan boat captains and Japanese and Western guides that make you feel welcome. Catch and release fish and have a great time! Great food too on their 8 and 10m boats.

Palau Dive Adventures
888-334-3483 (DIVE)

is located on the premises of the popular Sea Passion Hotel. Palau Dive Adventures dive shop runs tailored group trips 8-10 diverson a weekly M-F basis. Divers dive all week from the same boat, with the same group and dive guide. At night they stay in comfortable,land-based accommodations. The entire week's dive site itinerary is tailored to the desires of the guests and the staff at Palau Dive Adventures works with the groups to ensure maximum time on the water by day and comfort on land at night. Palau Dive Adventures supplies Nitrox EAN 32 and will accommodate special dive needs and requests.

US citizens and citizens of the U.S. territory of American Samoa may live and work freely in Palau.

Aside from U.S. military aid, Palau's economy is heavily focused on tourism and offshore banking. However in comparison to most other Pacific island territories and countries, the average Palauan can earn up to US$8,000 a year. Which in the case of money, Palau is one of the best options.

Palau Community College offers both AS/AA degrees and occupational certificates. The campus library is open to the public, and offers computer terminals for community members and visitors to check email.