Red Rooster Beer.Despite its size Palau has a small brewery, to be found next to the West Plaza by the Sea hotel see below. It offers Amber and Stout and three other beers.Abai Ice in Koror is a small hut that offers fresh fruit smoothies -- highly recommended.

Many licensed establishments in Palau -- from quiet little bars to "Japanese"-style karaoke bars complete with bar girls. For a decent affordable drink, try Sam's Dive Shop or High Tide behind Neco dive shop. Alcohol is readily available at most stores. Public drinking is not allowed, and the local police are more than happy to inconvenience you if you are caught.

Q-ball club

you can play pool and chill out

Palm Bay Bistro
right behind West Plaza Malakal, south Koror, right before the Ice Box Plant

Great steaks and pastas, and it has the best bartender in Koror with a jewel of a collection of signature drinks and coffees. Also serves Red Rooster Draft on tap and is located right next door to the Palau Brewing Company, Palau's own microbrewery. Brewery tours also available upon request.