Bem Ermii

Is in a small trailer near the courthouse in downtown koror, and makes great burgers and milkshakes.


On the wharf at malakal. a bit hard to find for the first time but food is good and the nightlife always interesting.

The Rock Island Cafe
Koror State Koror

In koror is a great place for a quick bit of american-style food. it is located a little west of the court house on koror island.

Anathias Cafe
Main Street
7 AM - 11 PM, Closed Sunday
Across from Palau High School

Anthias Cafe is an inviting bar/restaurant, playing American jazz in both the enclosed downstairs and open air upstairs sections. Large menu with a reasonable bar selection, $5 local draft beers served in chilled glasses. Prices are typical of Palau. Only downside is substantial traffic noise when on the upstairs deck.

Almost everything.

Palau has large communities from taiwan, the philippines, korea, japan and the usa and the local stores have evolved to supply their needs. so koror offers an amazing range of foodstuffs in its stores, at a price of course. japanese-inspired bento lunch boxes are very popular.


Is a good medium-range option with generous portions and well prepared dishes of japanese and local flavor, including coconut crab. it's located adjascent to the palau royal hotel next to the dock that takes you to the carp island resort.

Several other places of note in Koror are the Taj, an excellent Indian restaurant, Fuji, a reasonably-priced pseudo-Japanese restaurant or Dragon Tai on the way into Koror.

Main Street, Koror
Across from Palasia Hotel

Keanos has an extensive, tasty menu, primarily Italian cuisine, serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. The atmosphere is bright, and two entrees and two drinks came to $45.