Marshallese, Micronesian, and US/American Samoan, citizens do not require a visa to enter Palau for up to a year. Citizens of Israel do not require a visa for up to 90 days.

By plane
By plane

The only realistic choice. There is only one airport, Airai ROR, on Babeldaob.

Visitors can take United Airlines' daily flights from Guam c. $600, which has connections to Japan and the United States, as well as from Manila, Philippines.

Delta Air Lines launched daily service to ROR from Tokyo-Narita NRT on December 2010 with connections on to many destinations throughout Asia as well as to its hub cities in the US including Hawaii.

Asiana Airlines currently operates regularly scheduled flights from Seoul's Incheon airport.

There are also chartered flights direct from Taipei, South Korea, and Japan on a variety of operators.

The airport is small and has few facilities, and it might happen that no taxis are available on arrival. The best option is to book in advance local transportation with your hotel, otherwise you should call taxi from downtown to pick you up. There are some car rental booths, but they might be closed on weekend. Again, if you need to rent a car, is better to book in advance.

By ship
By ship

Possible but not very easy.