The internal economy is based primarily on barter, with residents producing much of their own food and sharing supplies from passing freighters or large fish catches communally. When money is used, the New Zealand dollar is the official currency, but easily-exchanged currencies such as US or Australian dollars or UK pounds will be accepted.

The main locally-produced items for sale are handicrafts especially woven baskets, models of the Bounty, carvings of local wildlife out of miro wood harvested from Henderson Island, honey, and the island's postage stamps also available by mail overseas are of interest to philatelists. Anything else has to be imported, and is priced accordingly.

In Adamstown, you will find the Post Office, General Store, Museum, Public Hall, Seventh Day Adventist Church, and the Pitcairn Island Medical Centre and Doctor. You can get cash on credit cards in the Government Treasury. Generally, all facilities are open in the morning on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday. Saturday is the Sabbath and you are welcome to attend the local church for the interdenominational service, where you'll enjoy meeting local residents and off island professionals.