Peninsula Valdes


Very dry with less than 8 inches of rain per year.


Peninsula Valdes a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Noted for its unique fauna and geology.The peninsula has a surface area of 3,625 square kilometers connected to the main land by a narrow isthmus.

Flora and fauna

From October till March penguins are hedging on the shore. From June to mid-December it's whale watching season. Other inhabitants include sea lions, elephant seals, armadillos, guanacos, maras and gray foxes. If you're lucky you can spot Orcas killer whales snatching seals from the shore at Punta Norte during April.


Flat-Patagonia Steppe, with knee-high bushes.


The first Europeans to arrive were the Spaniards in the early late 1700´s. They built a fort and established trading relations with the native Tehuelche population. The relations soured and fighting broke out. All of the Spaniards were later killed in a raid by the Tehuelche in 1810.