Peninsula Valdes

puerto pirámides

Puerto Pirámides is a tiny village on this peninsula with about 300 inhabitants. The town of Puerto Pirámides consists of two roads forming a "T". One road leads to the water and has restaurants, a small market and some tourist shops. The other road has an ATM, an internet and call center and the hotels and hostels.


There are several bars at Puerto Piramides.


There are several restaurants at Puerto Piramides , a restaurant at Punta Cantor and at the lighthouse in Puerto Delgado there is a self service restaurant that serves astounishing good asado for that remote area. If you plan on going during the low season its best to call ahead to make sure they are open. In Puerto Pirámides are several seafood restaurants with fish from the daily catch.


For non residents of Argentina the entrance fee is ARG$70. Argentine residents pay ARG$20.


Book in advance, especially in summer and at weekends because it is a popular tourist area. You can rent a room in the light house in Puerto Delgado but it is very pricey! For budget or mid-range budgets it is better to stay in Puerto Pirámides.There is a camping area here as well

Visitors should note that the entire peninsula is privately owned and people are not allowed to explore on their or camp where ever they wish.