The Death Road

From la cumbre to coroico. a mountainbike tour of 64km where you'll be able to see the diversity of bolivia. leave from la cumbre at 5000mts, in a cold and windy environment, and get to coroico, in a wet and tropical environment.

Explore the Provinces

Bolivia is a place to explore, it is mostly still untouched. the people are friendly in the countryside. there are hundreds of off the map, mostly out-of-the-guide places to go in bolivia, and far more exciting than what the tour agencies and guide books offer. in the la paz department for example you can easily catch transport to places like pelechuco, the east side of lake titicaca, achacachi, isla del sol, or quime... not to mention scores of other villages and small towns. the free govt. tour agencies at the plaza estudiantes or prado can help you find transport anywhere and tell you about it.