There are a lot of things to do in Colombia, and you can find parties and celebrations wherever you go. Colombians especially love to dance, and if you don't know how, they'll happily teach you. Colombia is known for its exciting night life.

There are many groups and agencies offering eco-tourism and it is very usual to find trekking plans locally named 'caminatas' or 'excursiones' on weekend; many groups named 'caminantes' offers cheaper one day excursion, special trips on long weekends or during periods of vacation time (January, Holy Week, July, August, October, December to different places in the country. Some recommended groups based out of Bogotá are: Viajar y Vivir, Fundación Sal Si Puedes, Caminantes del Retorno; there are many other. Patianchos in Medellín; Rastros in Bucaramanga. They usually offer guidance and transportation to the place; on long trips include lodging and other services. The recommendation is asking if the guide has the official certification.

If you want to work for a national company, such as Bancolombia, Avianca, or Presto, you must be able to speak Spanish with near-native fluency. Depending on your qualifications, companies may offer Spanish lessons, however always make sure that you are indeed eligible for the position advertised. You can teach English for extra money, especially in smaller cities where the demand for it is high. Also you could work for a NGO.

Colombia education is generally strict and is kept to high standards. Most Colombian degrees can be legalized in foreign countries. In contrast to American education, a typical Bachelor's degree program in Colombia is 160 credits or 5 years long. You can find several programs in different universities around the country.

learn spanish

Colombia is currently the fastest growing "Study Spanish Abroad" destination in the world and with good reason. Within Latin America, Colombian Spanish is considered to be the purest in form and clearest in accent. There is a growing number of universities and Spanish language schools in Colombia, offering excellent Spanish programs.

Study Spanish Colombia (http://www.studyspanishco...) is an independent organisation dedicated to promoting Spanish language education throughout Colombia. They list 100% of the options to learn Spanish in Colombia and assist hundreds of students every month asking for advice about the best Spanish language schools and universities in Colombia. They also manage the the largest list of private teachers in South America available for private Spanish lessons or Spanish lessons by Skype. Additional free services include visa advice, booking accommodation, homestays, personalized tours and salsa lessons.

Spanish in Colombia (http://www.spanishincolom...) is the government's promotional website where you can also find the best institutional programs, their specifications, costs, duration and geographic location to learn Spanish.

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Colombia is one of the mother countries of Salsa and you will be able to listen to this music all over the place. In the last years several of the Salsa World Champions came from Colombia. Especially in Cali and Cartagena there are plenty of clubs and schools. If you want to experience a more purely Colombian artform, however, you would do better to explore the world of cumbia instead.