Falkland Islands

A work permit is required for any foreign national, including UK citizens, working in the Falklands. Work permits should generally be applied for prior to coming to the islands and will require an employer's sponsorship. Additional information can be found at the Falkland Islands Government site.

The locals can be unfriendly towards 'contractor workers'. They also think they get free housing. Contract workers are essential to the Falklands Economy due to a shortage of skilled and professionally qualified workers. It is almost impossible to find fresh fruit and vegetables there and when you do they are extortionately priced, for example, a banana will cost £1 and a small orange or one single plum will cost 90p. Cabbage and cauliflower costs around £4.50 for half a portion and when you get it home you will find it is more than likely rotten. Half a portion of lettuce costs around £3.50 and a small cucumber costs £4. Tomatoes for some reason are very expensive, if you buy 2 small tomatoes that will set you back £2.50! There is no fresh milk available and all milk is UHT/long life milk. The only fresh meat on sale in the supermarket is mutton. A frozen chicken costs around £12 for a 2kg bird.

The cost of heating your house during the time that you are there is also a problem as kerosene the only form of heating available to most housing there is expensive and will set you back £200 to £300 or more per month to heat a small 3 bed house. Overall the cost of living is at least 3 times higher than the UK.

The internet is very expensive and it costs around £80 per month for a limited data package of 4GB per month. It is not uncommon to be charged extra for going over your monthly allowance as it is easy to do this, most smart phones and tablets use the Internet to update so are hungry on the data. The internet is very slow and crashes often. Streaming is a big 'no' not only because of the cost but because it constantly buffers 'stop start'. It is not uncommon to receive monthly phone/Internet bills in excess of £200. It costs around 60p off peak to phone the UK and 90p per minute peak rate.

It is expensive to get off the Island and a return flight to Santiago the nearest airport interchange hub costs approximately £800 per person and is a 7 hour flight. It costs £1600 for a return ticket to the UK if you are eligible for discount you need to be a FIG employee otherwise it costs £2100.00 per person so keeping in touch with the outside world is almost impossible.