French Guiana

The French Guianan cuisine is very diverse. You can see people eat fish, game meat, vegetables and exotic fruits. For tourists, the dishes may seem too spicy. If you have a sensitive stomach, don't hesitate to ask at a restaurant to make the food less spicy than they normally do. Guianans are fond of smoked fish and meat, which is part of their traditional cuisine.

local dishes

These dishes are frequently served with rice, red beans or cassave chips.

Bouillon d'Awara, excellent Guianan dish, broth on basis of awara, a palm fruit.

Colombo, indigenous dish with pork or chicken.

Lentils with game meat or fish.

Kalou or Kalalou, smoked fish with spinach and okra.

Pimentade, fish with tomato sauce, spiced and seasoned with lemon.

Blaf de poisson, fish prepared in broth.

Roti couniad, grilled fish with chips.