There are numerous markets and recently, shopping malls, in Guyana. Stabroek Market is a quaint market located in Georgetown. Trips to the market for tourists are best done in groups or with a local with whom you feel comfortable. Muggings are possible but not frequent.

Lots of locally made and beautiful crafts ranging from paintings; to sculpture; to leather purses, satchels, wallets; hand-painted, tie-dyed and batiked fabrics, pressed flowers, sun hats; semi-precious stones and hand-crafted costume jewelry using indigenous materials, can be purchased at an esplanade outside the Central Post-Office near the National Museum in downtown Georgetown. Ask around and you'll find out about the craft and gift shoppe as well as galleries.

Main street now features a market full of local African style carvers, artists and clothes sellers, all made locally.

Guyana is also noted for its exceptional gold jewelry, which can be bought at Starbroek Market. Be careful not to draw attention to it in public.

cost of living

The cost of living in Guyana is relatively very high, because most of the items used in daily life are imported with high transportation costs involved. Monopoly in some business sectors also causes higher profit booking and further raising of prices. For example as of January, 2010 the approximate prices of Gasoline Petrol is US$5 per imperial gallon, electricity price is US$0.33 per unit. A domestic gas bottle gas cylinder is over US$ 20. Rent for average family accommodation is US$500 per month in safer urban locations and personal income tax, which is 33.33% one third of total taxable income makes the cost of living further higher.