An Amerindian word meaning "celebration after hard work". On February 23rd is the country's republic anniversary celebration. A carnival-like event with float parades and costumed bands. Colorful float parades and costume Bands wind their way through the city. While you spectate, have a swig of local rum with coconut water or have some Banks beer, all the while swaying and wining to the beat of the soca and calypso. Starts from about 10AM.

Kaieteur Falls

It is 5x the height of Niagara Falls, ~250m tall. It can be accessed by a short plane flight from the capital offered by various tour companies as a day trip. Most companies only run the day trip on Sundays though, so book ahead.

Orinduik Falls

A smaller waterfall than Kaieteur that is also included when visiting Kaieteur by plane.

Iwokrama Rainforest Reserve
Shell Beach
North West
Speedboat from Charity

Shell Beach is a must for travellers to Guyana, featuring a range of Leatherback, Green and Olive Ridley turtles laying eggs. The conservation area is managed by the wonderful De Frietus family, contact Romeo.

Merume Mountains - Legend has it that no one has been to the top of the Merume Mountains, or even found the source of the Mazaruni river rumoured to be within their limestone nest. There are trails from Kamarang towards the top however.

Kumerau Falls - Wider than Kaiteur, these falls are accessable from the bush truck road from Bartica. You will need to get a lift from a mining truck however, to reach Kurupung first, from where it is possible to follow the trail.

52 Drop Falls - Dramatic series of 52 rapids on the Cuyuni river, just round the corner from Bartica. Can be dangerous so go with guide.