The currency is the guarani PYG. As of May 2015, the current exchange rate is 5,082 Guaranies for 1 US Dollar, and 5,595 Guaranies for €1. Always check the exchange rate quotations on the internet or several major newspapers before exchanging money.

Prices in Paraguay are very low and a budget traveller will be able to get by on as little as £8/$12 a day and even less if camping. A clean, single hotel room out of Asuncion should not cost more than US$8.

Paraguay has a very rich and diverse craftmanship, everything from silver filigree Luque to cotton fine lace in the form of Ñanduti Itaugua is available. Also leather goods with local “repujado” embellishments Atyra and ao poi, encaje yu embroidery. Clay ceramic Ita and weavery is also very popular, cheap and beatiful. Leather soccer balls are sold and hand made in the town of Quindy.