Working in Eritrea for an Eritrean employer state or private and for an Eritrean wage is not an attractive prospect for most Westerners or people reading Wikitravel. Most foreigners in Eritrea work for foreign employers the UN, the few remaining NGOs, Foreign Companies, Foreign Embassies and related agencies as well as the International School. A few foreigners, mainly from South Asia, work for the Eritrean government in various state-job contracts. Most, if not all, of these individuals acquired their jobs in their home country and/or were recruited and provided with their legal documentation by the Eritrean government while in their home country. It is unusual and perhaps difficult to arrive in Eritrea on a tourist visa and later apply for a work and residence permit while there.

There are opportunities to go to Eritrea to teach and/or to do research projects at the country's institutions of Higher Education and Ministries. However, funding must be provided by your home country as well as a clearance from an Embassy of Eritrea.