There are hotels at all prices and standard ranges in Asmara, from the modest ones for 200 Nakfa $30 per night to the overpriced Intercontinental Hotel Asmara, the only international hotel present in the country at the moment, a little over $150 per night. Some hotels have one price for foreigners and another for locals. In most smaller towns, the lodging is quite modest and priced accordingly. The only expensive hotels outside of Asmara would be the two hotels on the sea in Massawa, neither of which exceeds $65 per night as of 2007. Modest in Eritrean terms usually means shared bathroom with several other guests, no room-service, a common room TV, no air-conditioning and no change of sheets or cleaning throughout occupancy unless asked for and then you might be charged extra just as if you had your clothes washed and ironed, which is also readily available for an additional price. The middle-range hotels will have all these missing amenities private bathroom, TV, air-conditioning, etc. but no room-service nor inclusive laundering of sheets or clothes during occupancy. Restaurants and/or cafes are available at most mid-range hotels are regular hangout places for non-guests. In a hot place like Massawa, it is very highly recommended to stay at least at a middle-range hotel where air-conditioning is available. The only hotel that accepts credit cards in Eritrea is the Intercontinental for a fee and it is also the only hotel in the entire country with a swimming pool both indoor and outdoor, gym and other common amenities in a modern standard hotel. Most, if not all, hotels beyond the towns of Asmara, Massawa, Keren and Assab are of the modest category. There are reported to be mid-range hotels in Nakfa, Barentu and Tessenei as well as resorts in Gel'alo and Dahlak on the South coast and east of Massawa, respectively.