Bars and pubs

bars and pubs
The Corner Bar
77, Nizami St
cnr of the R. Rza and Tolstoy Sts
bars and pubs
Golden Ridges Pub
5, Mardanov Gardashlari St
+994 012-493-17-72
bars and pubs
12, Basti Bagirova St
+994 012-436-79-81
bars and pubs
Tequila Junction
Next to ISR Plz
+994 012-498-43-32
bars and pubs
The Phoenix Bar
10, Mammadaliyev St
+994 012-305-90-90
bars and pubs
Park Inn's Victor’s Bar
1, Azadlig St
+994 012-490-60-00
bars and pubs

Although tea houses çay xanalar found throughout Azerbaijan serve local beer piva - draft at 50 qapick/glass or bottles at 70 qapick/bottle or vodka araq at 2AZN/bottle, for anything exotic e.g. tequila, gin, or rum, you will have to go to a normal bar or hotel and pay Western prices there.

bars and pubs
Caspian Bar
1025/30, Tbilisi Ave
+994 012-490-70-90
bars and pubs
Pub Viking
49, Bul-bul St
+994 012-499-18-86
bars and pubs
Queen’s Head
95, Neftchilar St
+994 050-368-77-33
bars and pubs
Tiger Bar
19, Mamed Aliyv St
+994 012-598-41-21
bars and pubs
4, A. Aliyev St
+994 012-498-98-57

Next to History Museum. Free wifi. Good beer prices and Happy Hour offers. Ridiculously expensive wine,however.

bars and pubs
Tj’s Pub
9, Aliyarbekov St
+994 012-498-46-21
bars and pubs
Caledonia Bar
38, Rasul Rza
+994 012-494-28-53

Offers a familiar pub atmosphere with photos and memorabilia from Scotland. Screens for watching sporting events.


Aroma Cafe
18, U. Hajibayov St
+994 012-598-07-07
Azza Cafe
1, I. Safarli St/Fountains Sq
+994 12 437 0111
Cafe Caramel
7, Alizade St
+994 012-498-93-53
21, Boyukgala St/4 Mamedaliyev St
+994 012-492-35-26

There is a good selection of cafés dispersed throughout Baku. Expect to pay Western prices for your coffee.

Gourmet Shop
5, Mardanov Gardashlari St
+994 012-49-12-34


Caravan Jazz Club
4 Aliyev Street
+994 012 97-11-39

You might not expect it, but Baku has a great jazz tradition of its own and this is the place to go. No cover and has a free western toilet.

Room 103
103 Neftiçilər prospekti
+994 012 92-65-03

An upscale cocktail bar with nightly live jazz.

A Cultural Note

Although tea houses çay xanalar in Baku usually allow Western women to enter, in the regions, it is often forbidden for females to enter such establishments. Women drinking in Baku is a la mode, but it is taboo for women in the regions of Azerbaijan to consume alcohol.

tea houses (çay xanalar)

There are many outdoor tea houses çay xanalar that serves tea and sweets to people in their own individual nooks. It can be a great way to get a sense of the local culture. If you are adventurous, try challenging a local Bakuvian to a game of backgammon nard or dominoes.