Woven cloth

Bhutanese handwoven fabric is prized around the world, and is available stitched into clothing, wall hangings, table mats and rugs.


A brightly colored woven material made from wool and dyed with natural colors. it is sold in pieces or sewn into jackets, bags, rugs and wall hangings. yathra is available in thimphu and other cold areas, but is a specialty of the jakar area.


Hand made wooden bowls. the halves of the bowl fit tightly together so they can be used to carry cooked food, which is their function in bhutan. however, they also make excellent salad or cookie bowls. dappa are a specialty of the trashi yangtse region, but can be purchased throughout the country.


Small bamboo woven baskets with two tightly fitting halves. they are a specialty of the southern bhutan, but available throughout the country.