Wood carvings

Try the centro artistico juvenil, close to "chapa de bissau" with fixed prices and no need to bargain - or the market in front of pensã£o central here you'll need to bargain.

Hand woven textiles

Good shop underneith pensã£o central selling textiles from ngo artiss@l in quinhamel - or at the bandim market.


Next to the post office.


In bairro de belã©m is an ngo working for sustainable community development, food and income security as well as a greater control over the natural resources on which the local population is depending. it has a little shop selling high-quality wall-calendars and postcards with guinea bissau motives as well as locally produced baskets, marmalade, rice, spices, palm oil etc.

Ponto de Encontro

Has a large selection of quality dvds, that can be ordered from portugal and picked up the following friday.