La Diplomat

At road 20, house number 7, near gulshan 1. don't expect to be rubbing shoulders with any french ambassadors, however.

There is a party network between the different expat clubs Dutch Club, Canadian Club, Nordic Club, International Club, American Club, etc. and some Bangladeshi clubs Heritage, Privilege, etc.. These clubs usually require membership to enter, or befriend a member and have them sign you in. From there, you can purchase a book of tickets or a cash card and then use it to order your drinks.

Although alcohol is most easily available at the international clubs and top hotels, there are quite a few local places to find a drink for the enterprising traveler. Local bars are to be found in most neighborhoods but can be difficult to locate due to lack of advertising. Popular brands of beer Heineken, Carlsberg, Tuborg, Foster's etc and major types of liquor are available at these places, and at much lower prices than at hotel bars.

You can try:

The Dip

Like most other bengali bars, is a smoke-filled darkened room where many of its patrons would rather not be recognized too easily. definitely an experience, nonetheless. beers cost upwards of tk 150 and "tots," which are single ounce servings of gin, vodka or whiskey, are available from tk 70local brands-tk 200. female patrons may feel slightly uncomfortable.

There is a duty paid shop in Mohakhali the name of the company is H. Kabir & Co., Ltd. which is only permitted to sell alcohol to passport-bearing foreigners or their drivers who bring their passports in when they purchase. The address is 12 Abbas Garden, New Airport Road, phone +88 2988 1936-9. Their stated opening hours are from 9:30pm - 4:30pm, and closed on Fridays and Saturdays. To get there you need to go towards the flyover as if you were going to Banani, but instead of going on to the flyover, you take the second left after it begins. You will see a small sign labelled "Abbas Garden." Turn left and tell your transport to wait while you purchase.