Bamboo Shoot
Gulshan avenue
upstairs from Agora department store

A Chinese/Thai restaurant that prides itself in offering 'authentic' cuisine, and this is backed up by the number of Chinese expats seen eating there on any given night.

Gulshan 2
100-400 Taka
beside the Westin

The food is good and they serve decent local stuff. However, make sure to check prices on the menu card before ordering and examine the bill afterwards. There are better places to get Bengali food, but Dhashiri's location is especially convenient,very delicious. Also, its a local trick by the staff to say that the requested dish is not available and would serve you the same thing with some different name and a higher price.

El Torro
House 1A, Road 138, Gulshan I
+880 1 861 6343
Mains around 250-300 Taka

A Mexican restaurant serving burritos, enchiladas, quesadillas and the like.

The north-east corner of Gulshan 1 Circle

Yes, the American chain, and in full swing. A burger, fries and rootbeer float will set you back nearly BDT.300, which seems to be no problem for the well-off young Bangladeshi teens that fill the tables. The pumpin' jukebox filled with Backstreet Boys adds/detracts from the experience.

House 10, Road 109, Gulshan-2
+880 18-820 350
500-700 Taka

Run by British-Bangladeshi celebrity chef Tommy Miah, this Mugal décor restaurant features Bangla-fusion cuisine.


Korean restaurant located across near the Egyptian embassy. Table-top barbecue and most popular Korean dishes are available, along with a selection of sushi and sashimi. Popular with Koreans and other expats. Expect to pay at least 500 Taka per person for a 3 course dinner.

Bella Italia
Gulshan 2
2nd floor of the Eastern Bank Limited building - beside Shoppers' World

Located near Gulshan circle 1. The proprietor was employed in the restaurant business in Italy and this place serves fairly authentic thin-crust pizzas and pastas. Mains are around Tk 300-600.


These areas are packed with crowded trendy and upscale restaurants, a magnet for the Dhaka elite who like good food or just want to be seen in their shiny new sedans.

Half Past Eleven
House 67/C, Road 11, Block E, Banani
+880 2-988 4215, +880 16-7813 1590
200-500 Taka for a meal
11:00-23:00 daily
take Banani Road 11 eastward towards Gulshan bridge, the restaurant will be on your left before the junction of Road 11 and Road 12

Offers different fast food, grill and tandoori dishes. From western style Chickens, Burgers, Sandwiches, Hot Subs, Fish 'n Chips, T-bone Steaks to Tandoori and Asian delights. They serve Movenpick ice creams as well as coffees. Free WiFi.

Andersen's of Denmark
House 34, Road 136, Gulshan Circle I
+880 1 881 8553
Tk 80-260
11:30AM-midnite, Fridays 2PM-midnite

Excellent ice cream such as mint chocolate chip, oreos & cream and banana fudge, sundaes and milkshakes, cappuccinos, espressos and hot chocolate. Resist the urge to spend the entire day here. Attached to a fast food restaurant 'Chicken King' serving fried chicken and steaks.

Old and central dhaka

old and central dhaka
Bismillah Kabab
Lichubagan Road, North Baridhara

Address-nazira bazar

old and central dhaka

Restaurants are crammed throughout the narrow alleys and along the main streets - duck into one of them and you'll likely not to be too disappointed. A full meal will usually run less than a dollar, though fish will push it closer to two.

old and central dhaka
Hotel Al-Razzaque
29/1 North South Rd (Nazira Bazaar)
+880 2 956 1990

On the ground floor of the hotel is a large and popular restaurant, busy anytime of the day with Bangladeshi families and businessmen. Food is pretty darn good, if unpredictable in its timing. Sometimes you'll have a choice of chicken and mutton curries, fish and vegetables, other times it's chicken biryani or the highway. Fish will double the price of your meal, at least. It's sandwiched between a clean and well-stocked juice bar and a clean and well-stocked sweet shop. Each plate cost 80 Taka.

old and central dhaka
Hajjee Beryani

In nazira bazar, close to bango bazar, old dhaka. old dhaka was famed for its lines of beryani restaurants. some of the more famous outfits are still going and hajjee beryani is one of them. it revels in its eccentric reputation for opening only at certain times and only cooking a certain amount well below demand

old and central dhaka
Hotel Star

Thathari bazar, near nawabpur bazar. does fantastic beryani & goat leg roast ask for it.

old and central dhaka
Jharna Grill
In Pan Pacific Sonargaon Hotel
+880 2 811 1005

The top restaurant in the hotel serves very good seafood. Expect to pay Tk 3,000 for a 3 course meal with drinks. The hotel has other good restaurants too.

old and central dhaka
Cafe Jheel
opposite the National press club

Serves good local dishes for the budget traveler. Expect to pay Tk 150-200 for a 3 course meal. Although you can possibly get lunch/dinner for as low as Tk 60.


Shantinagar Mor

Kalabagan. very famous for cakes and fast food.

Star Kabab

Opposite of abahani club playground and on shat maszid road. famous for its beef and mutton kabab.

Road # 27, Dhanmondi

Dhanmondi 27 and shankar crossing. one of the more luxurious restaurant in dhaka which has been established lately.

Pizza Hut

Opposite of abahani club playground and on shat maszid road.

Kozmo Lounge

A very cozy hangout joint at dhanmondi 4/a. the cafe sometimes arrange quality musical performances.

68, Purana Paltan, Dhaka

A famous franchise located at dhanmondi road 7/a.

BBQ Tonight

Best in town kebab and mughlai food. mouth watering and unbelievably tasty. located on road 27, dhanmondi.

Cafe Mango

Dhanmondi road no.4. the ambiance is fantastic.

House# 36, Road#2, Dhanmondi

An upscale restaurant with a haunted theme voot-meaning ghost in bengali,high quality food, right next to the well known rifles square market .

Red Tomato

Dhanmondi road-27. a medium quality old chinese restaurant which serves both chinese and thai food.

Star Hotel & Retaurant

At dhanmondi road 2. also famous for its kabab and biriani.

Mama Halim

New circular road 2nd floor,opposite of aarongmoghbazaar, sells: biryani, kabas cakes, ice cream, biscuits, fruit and, randomly, gifts.

Jeni Kabab

An old and famous restaurant for kababs.

Dhaka has an enormous variety of food catering to all budgets. Old Dhaka is overflowing with cheap Bangladeshi food where a meal can be had from Tk 50 $0.70, while in the upscale neighborhoods like Gulshan and Banani you can find just about any type of cuisine you can imagine - Chinese, Indian, Thai, Vietnamese, Greek, Mexican, and franchises such as Pizza Hut, KFC are abundant - at prices that the majority can't afford. Reservations are usually not required in most restaurants. A lot of the Buffet-style restaurants in this neighborhood have Taka: 250 to 400, fixed price menu.For strict vegetarians especially Hindus,beef free restaurant is a bit difficult to get but there are few Indian restaurants where one can get vegetarian and beef free environment.

Local sweets misti/mishti like rasogollah and golap jam/pantuya/ledikeni are excellent. To the uninitiated these are bite-sized soft milk curd balls dipped drenched in syrup, coming in white and red varieties. Shops throughout the town and especially near Gulshan sell imported condiments from the U.S., Dubai and Malaysia at a premium. Imported chocolate is especially expensive - and usually not in the best condition as it gets melted and re-solidified daily in the tropical heat. Fresh is better.

Be careful when buying food from street vendors as health and hygiene standards are not always top notch. Unlike Bangkok -- street food in Dhaka is only for locals. Foreigners should stick to larger, organized and unfortunately a little expensive food outlets.