By plane
By plane

Gibraltar Airport IATA: GIB has daily scheduled flights to and from London-Heathrow LHR, British Airways, Gatwick LGW EasyJet, London-Luton LTN Monarch Airlines and Manchester Monarch Airlines in the UK. Monarch Airlines also resumed their flights to and from Manchester a few times per week.

Iberia operated flights to Madrid-Barajas MAD but due to lack of passengers this route was terminated September 2008. Andalus Lineas Aereas ( operated morning and evening flights to Madrid during 2009, using a smaller jet aircraft, as well as a flight to Barcelona and back around lunchtime. Operations ceased in January 2010.

As of July 2012, easyJet has 11 scheduled services per week between The Rock and London Gatwick, as well as twice weekly flights from Liverpool. A daily British Airways service is available, operating to and from Heathrow. Flight schedules varies depending on the time of year. With the introduction of easyJet's operation from Gibraltar, together with the government's planned airport expansion and reduction of airport charges, it opens the door for possible new routes from Gibraltar to other European cities.

The most popular alternative airport for Gibraltar is Malaga Airport in Spain, some 120 km to the East, which offers a wide range of destinations. Malaga can be reached by bus, but there are only a few services available per day and the trip is approximately 3 hours. Jerez Airport is normally the second choice, despite being closer to Gibraltar.

By ship
By ship

When the frontier was closed, there was a ferry service from Gibraltar to Morocco. There's a passenger service geared up to the Moroccan workers in Gibraltar, who have problems crossing the frontier, but only about once per week on the weekend.

From 17 December 2009, Transcoma now operates a daily service from between Gibraltar and Algeciras in Spain. The ticket prices at about 6-8 euros and about 5 crossings per day, and each trip takes around half an hour.

Cruise ships often include Gibraltar as part of their itinerary.

Gibraltar receives a large number of visits from cruise ships, and the strait of Gibraltar is one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world.

Passenger and cargo ships anchor in the port of Gibraltar.

Catalan Bay also offers access to enter Gibraltar.

By car
By car

Queues at the border may make it less time-consuming to park cars in La Línea and walk across. While parking in La Linea immediately next to the border charges, there is free parking throughout town and next to the stadium if you are willing to walk an extra 1 km. This also has the advantage of avoiding Gibraltar's complex one way system with very narrow and badly signposted streets, and limited parking. The land border is open 24 hours a day, though expect delays when planes are landing - the only road into Gibraltar runs right across the airport runway!

However, once the airport expansion is complete, traffic except buses will be diverted around to the east side of the runway to ease overall traffic congestion.

Motorists, and on occasion pedestrians, crossing the border with Spain have been subjected to long delays and searches by the Spanish authorities. Spain has closed the border during disputes or incidents involving the Gibraltar authorities, such as the Aurora cruise ship incident and when fishermen from the Spanish fishing vessel Piraña were arrested for illegal fishing in Gibraltar waters. (

Despite being an overseas territory of the UK, traffic in Gibraltar is on the right side of the road, the same with the rest of continental Europe.