There is a small co-op general store which stocks imported foodstuffs from New Zealand or French Polynesia, mostly ordered by customers in advance. It is open 3 mornings/week, an hour each. The local cuisine relies heavily on seafood. Deep-fried nanwi bluefish is a local favorite, with red snapper, tuna, whitefish, grouper, wahoo, and others also being common. Pilhi is made from pureed fruit such as banana, sweet potato, or breadfruit with sugar and milk, then baked to custard consistency. Food staples grown on the island, include arrowroot, sweet potatoes, beans, tomatoes, cabbages, pineapples, melons, citrus fruits, bananas, and breadfruit. Some families keep poultry or goats.

Other places on island:

Christian's Cafe owned by Steve & Olive Christian. It is open every Friday from 6:30pm till late. A bar is also provided for customers.

Browns Bakery; In the square every second Thursday at 5pm, selling freshly baked goods.

Bounty Delectable; Takeaway meals is open on Wednesdays. They make the largest Burgers on the Island!

Betty’s Bakery; Freshly baked goods made to order.

Fletcher Cafe is available for coffees, snacks and lunches to order. Dinner can also be provided on request.