Local laws make it illegal to carry out business in a foreign currency. Changing money is relatively easy.

Business hours are from 09.00 to 17.00 on Mondays to Fridays and on Saturday mornings. Some supermarkets are beginning to open on Sundays as well. If you are feeling hungry at night, then bakers' shops open late to sell fresh-baked bread.

Samoa is relatively inexpensive for western visitors. Haggling is not customary and is in fact considered to be rude. Tipping is not practiced or expected in Samoa.

Apia Public Market

Great place to buy Siapo tapa cloth made from mulberry bark, 'ava kava, hand carved kava bowls, produce, donuts, etc.

Farmer Joe's
across from the Apia Public Market
Fugalei Rd, 3 streets S of Beach Rd

Well-stocked Western-style supermarket with a complete collection of prepared and canned food, boxed milk, cereals and chips, and cold drinks. Very good bread selection. Open on Sundays.


The Currency is the Tala. It is variously written as WST, WS$ or SAT.

Apia Flea Market
In the 'old' public market building