Eating is an extremely important part of Samoan life, as the size of many Samoans may suggest. They often take food with them when they travel. Samoan food is not highly spiced or seasoned. It uses ingredients that are relatively unfamiliar to most Westerners, such as breadfuit, taro or talo, taro leaves, cooked green bananas and raw fish.


The umu is the traditional method used for cooking. a fire is built and stones placed on it. when the fire is down to the embers the ingredients, such as green bananas, breadfruit, taro, fish, palusami and pork are placed on the stones. it is then covered with banana leaves and left to cook.


Oka is the way Samoans prepare raw fish. It consists of small bits of fish that are marinated in a mixture of lemon juice, coconut cream, salt and finely chopped onions.


Is made from taro leaves and coconut cream. the coconut cream, onions and some taro are wrapped in whole taro leaves and cooked in an umu. well cooked, this can be unforgettable and you should not leave samoa without trying it.

Corned beef.

Samoa rapidly adopted this import and it is widely used as an accompaniment to umus and other dishes.