History and etymology

Muar's name is believed to have originated and derived from its geographical location at the mouth or estuary of Muar River, the Malay words "Muara" which means eastuary or mouth of river. Muar is rich in history as mentioned in many historical records and archeological evidences. It is believed that the history of Muar started much earlier than the Sultanate of Malacca which witness the rise and fall of the empire. There were many accounts recorded and said about the history early and modern days of Muar. There are a few famous old historic legends which evolved around the area of Muar namely, Hikayat Malim Deman Epic of Malim Deman, Legenda Lembing Awang Pulang Ke Dayang Awang's Spear Return to Dayang Legend and Legenda Puteri Gunung Ledang Mount Ledang Princess' Legend.

Population and language

Muar has a population of 437,164 2007 with a multiracial demography, consists of mainly Malay, Chinese, Indian etc. Beside the local languages like Malays, Chinese Mandarin and other dialects Hokkien, Teochew, Cantonese and Tamil, English is widely understand and spoken.

Government and administration

District Office of Muar/Pejabat Daerah Muar ( Tel : 06-9521021/06-9522615 Fax : 06-9528817

Municipal Council of Muar/Majlis Perbandaran MuarMPM ( Tel : 06-9521204/5/6

Muar District Police HQ ( Tel : 06-9526222

District Hospital :Sultanah Fatimah Specialist Hospital ( Tel : 06-9521901

Muar District Immigration Department Tel : 06-9522685

Geography and climate

Muar district inclusive of Ledang formerly covers 2346.12 km². The whole Muar district North and South is roughly the size of two and a half Singapore. Muar is located at the mouth of the Muar River, on the coast of the Straits of Malacca. Muar's geographical ground and area generally has a flat terrain. The town is about 150 km 93 miles southeast of Malaysia's capital Kuala Lumpur, and about the same distance 179 km northwest of Singapore. It is 45 km south of Malacca Town. It is also 50 km north of Batu Pahat.

Muar as the rest of peninsular Malaysia enjoys a year-round tropical rainforest equatorial climate which is warm, humid and sunny, along with plentiful rainfall, especially during the southwest monsoon season from September to December. The temperatures is between about 22°C/72°F night and 30°C/86°F day, between 70% and 90% humidity, and an annual total rainfall of about 2400mm. The climate is very much dictated by the adjacent sea and the wind system.