Local delicious Malay foods; Mee bandung, rojak petis, satay Muar and asam pedas are the signature foods of Muar. And don't forget delicious Javanese foods like soto, mee rebus, lontong and nasi ambeng. Locals are famous of eating goreng pisangfried banana and goreng tempefried Javanese fermented soya bean cake with thick soya sauce with hot chili deeping. Pau Maharani is a favourite too. The local version Nasi Beriani Gam is good too. Ikan bakar; freshly catched, delicious dan cheap grilled fish and sea foods like prawn, squid, crab, mussel, clam etc, best eaten with banana leaf wrapped Nasi Lemak are available at Medan Ikan Bakar Sabak Awor, Jalan Bakariah and Medan Ikan Bakar Parit Karang every evening. Mee Siput; a local delicious snack eaten with sambal, local chili paste; only can be available in Muar. Johor Laksa is another delicious local food. Here are some tips: Eat Satay and Mee Rebus as the locals do for breakfast in the morning, mee bandung for lunch, rojak petis for afternoon and asam pedas at Parit Jawa for dinner.

Muar is also famous for many Chinese foods like the Muar Otak-otak 乌达 , Teochew Or-Luak/Or-ChienFried Oyster Omelette, Hainanese Steamed Chicken Rice ball, Muar Char Kueh Teow fried rice noodle with clam, Hokkien Hae-Mee Fried Prawn Mee, Cantonese Wonton Mee, Muar Char-Siew PerngRed Roasted Pork Rice, Teochew Lo-Ak-PerngBraised Duck Rice, Teochew Mee PohFish Ball Noodle, Teochew Her-MoiFish Soup Porridge, Teochew Kueh ChapBig pieces cut flat rice noodle in soup with braised pork, pig offal, egg and bean curd/tofu, Teochew Chwee Kueh a delicious rice cake with salted raddish, Char Chai Tow Kuehfried raddish cake, Cantonese Chok Congee, Simpang Jeram's Loy Her Bee Hoon haruan/snake head fish soup with vermicelli, Bak Kut Teh herbal pork ribs soup with yam rice, Teochew Ter Chap Cheng TherngPig Organ Soup, Curry Laksa, Hakka Yong Tao Foo, Chee Cheong Fun, Mi/Bang Chien Kueh Kueh Apam Balik Cina etc are must-try local Chinese delicacies for visitors. Foods centres can be found at Muar Bus Station Malay, Tanjung Emas Mixed, Jalan Bentayan's Bentayan Hawker Centre Chinese and Jalan Haji AbuChinese Hawkers Centre also known as "T'am Cjia Kueh" 贪呷街, literally "the glutton voracious eating street" by the Chinese befitting its reputation as the food haven of the town. There are also a few Chinese restaurants serving nice Pau and Dimsum Chinese bun and dumpling for breakfast.

There are also many Chinese restaurants and Malay food stalls offering variety of delicious foods on their menus. On different days of the week there are Pasar Malam or night markets and Pasar Tani selling many local foods at different locations of the town. Besides, Yong Sheng Gift Shop is an ideal gift shop for you to buy hand gifts for friends & relatives. It is renowned for its dedication to preserving the traditional culture and offering authentic pastries. Also, you can shop at Muar Yuen Chen Siang for their famous Bak Kua-Barbecued Pork.

We can also can find some good Indian continental cuisine like Banana Leaf Rice, Nasi Kandar, Mee Rojak, Rojak Mamak, Putumayam, variety of bread like Roti Canai, Roti Telur, Roti Sardin, Roti Prata, Roti Jala, Tosei, Roti Nan, Murtabak, Kebab with their superb Indian curry and dal gravy; great soups like Sup Kambing, Sup Tulang and Sup Ekor; and not forgeting refreshing cold dessert; Ice Shaved Cendol with thick coconut milk and coconut brown sugar and Teh Tarik at some Indian foods stalls and restaurants.