Take a relaxing stroll along the scenery riverside from the town to the park, about 1km+ distant, have a picnic at the beautiful riverside garden and catch the sunset by the beach of the Tanjung Emas Park. Enjoy the scenery with nice landscape of rows of trees and majestic old colonial buildings and pre-war shophouses along the way.

Get on the boat and join the river cruising along Muar River at Tanjung Emas jetty. Jeti Tanjung Emas, Tanjung Emas, Muar. Tel: 019-6658827.

Have a round of golf at the Tanjung Emas Golf Club in Muar. The Tanjung Emas course may not be a dream golf course but one can surely relax and enjoy a round of golf in cool soothing breezes. But beware of the wayward wind which can play havoc with your game which can be treacherous and may even blow away your ball. The par-35 2,721 m 9-hole layout is a flat and short golf course, but challenges come in many forms: the wind, large ponds, numerous 0.B. markers and sand traps provide it all. The course is open to the golfing public armed with handicaps. Tel :06 9521550

Muar is touted to be food haven for gluttons. Check out the Eat section, plan and have a round of nice local foods at the many eating places in town.

Try having a big catch by fishing at the Muar River at a few local anglers's favourite fishing spots i.e. Tanjung Emas, Tanjung Ketapang, Tanjung Agas, the Sultan Ismail Bridge.

Go for the adventurous freshwater prawnudang galah fishing at Panchor, Grisek, Kundang Ulu, Lenga, Gombang or Bukit Kepong areas located at the upstream of Muar River by renting a boat. Fire-fly watching eco-tour also may be arranged.Tel.: 06-971 1150, 013-680 2265 Hj Rahmat bin Idris

See the oyster harvesting by fishermen diving to the bottom of Muar River at Pengkalan Tiram, Parit Tiram, Jalan Sallleh, Muar. Grab the opportunity to buy the cheap and fresh oyster for dinner. Tel :012-6363614

Stay at the local village homestays and experience the colourful local kampung cultures, foods and life of the Malays of Java and Bugis decends. Enjoy the local warm hospitality and friendliness of the host and family. Visit the village local small industries like traditional delicacies making, agricultural activities like local fruit harvesting at orchard or livestocks animals, poultry and fish farming or activities at rubber, oil palm or coconut plantation. Learn the interesting local traditional festivals, games, music and dances like the Javanese' Kuda Kepang and Barongan or the Malays' Zapin and Ghazal, and also local martial art Silat performances. For contact, see "Sleep" section.

Visit the Orang Asli village at Lenga and Gunung Ledang area.

Trek up the top of the magical jungle-capped legendary Gunung Ledang. Seek out the challenges and adventures to go on an expedition to the peak of the mountain, camp in the rugged wilds, or a convention amidst nature and get soak in Air Panas waterfall at the mountainfoot.

Ride bicycle across the town, across both bridge and by the beach. Bandar Maharani is so flat that you don't need to be strong rider to go anywhere.

Try to get yourself a motorcycle and ride from the town through Bukit Pasir, Lenga to Bukit Kepong and back to Muar town through Gerisek, Bukit Gambir and Serom.

events and festivals

Johor Sultan's Birthday - will be celebrated on 22nd November every year to commemorate the birthday of the new Sultan who just succeded the throne. Cultural activities, fishing competition, duck catching competition at Tanjung Emas Park. Muslim Tahlil and Thanks-Giving Prayers at the main mosque. Guard of Honour parade and Swear of Allegiance Ceremony in the morning at the Dewan Jubli Intan. Tel :06-9521021

Malaysia National Day - celebrated on 31st August every year, the national independance day. Cultural and entertainment show and fireworks will be on display on the eve of celebration at Tanjung Emas Park. A celebration parade by the government agencies, uniform bodies, political entities and private organisation in the early morning of celebration. All celebration mostly held at the Dataran Tanjung Emas square and park vicinity. Tel :06-9521021

Chap Goh Mei's "Puak Tau Sai"博豆狮 - celebration on the last day of Chinese New Year festival, on the 15th day of first lunar month of Chinese calendar around February. Drove of Taoism devotees will throng to congregate to pray at the Kerng Tang Kou Bioh粤东古庙 temple and to observe a traditional Teochew custom, called "Puak Tau Sai"博豆狮 where devotees seek the divine deity’s blessing for the new year to obtain home the “peanut lions”Chinese guardian lion statues made of sugar and peanut but to repay back the “peanut lions” statues to the deity and temple the next coming year in double the number of statues they obtained. The quest to obtain the “peanut lions” will be decided through the “toss of the victory cups”博胜杯 to ascertain the divine’s will of the deity. Tel :012-2510338

San Cai Deity's Birthday - celebrated on the 23rd day of the 1st moon of the Chinese lunar calendararound March every year by Taoism devotees for the divine Taoist deity San Cai Yeah's善才爷 birthday at the San Cai Yeah Temples, Parit Unas which is very famous and revered among the locals and Singaporeans devotees.

Nine Emperors Gods' Birthday - celebrated from the 1st day to the 9th day of the 9th moon of the Chinese lunar calendararound October/November every year by vegetarian Taoism devotees for the Taoism deities Kiu Ong Yeah's Nine Emperors'{九皇爷) birthday. During the 10 days celebration, Chinese opera theatre, interesting colourful religion ceremonies, fire crossing ceremony, knife ladder climbing ceremony by mediums and devotees will be held at the 2 main Taoism temples; Jalan Bentayan's Tao Tian Keng 斗天宫 temple and Jalan Arab's Tao Boo Keng 斗母宫 temple. Celebration peaks with grand colourful procession on the 8th day morning and 9th day evening at the town centre. A "send-off" ceremony will be held at the Tanjung Emas river side on the 10th day marking the end of the celebration.